"Sulley"  by Rick Ferry

Standing 10 inches tall
Price: $ 475.00

"Chattanooga Charlie"
Charlie is actually from Shake Rag, Tennessee; which lies about 30 miles west of Chattanooga.
It's not that Charlie isn't proud of being from Shake Rag, but the name "Shake Rag Charlie" reminded him too much of work.
Charlie has been chewing on the prospect of converting; not his religion, just his work ethic. 
You see, a hobo is expected to work his way through life; whereas a tramp avoids any such nonsense.
There was a time when Charlie was a working fool; but he watched his pops work hard only to earn a shady spot under a big elm tree.  That's when Charlie decided to hit the road and enjoy the shade trees every day.
"Sulley" is a real working man; and has been for pert'near 60 years.  Starting out as a blacksmith in Tulsa; Sulley has held down jobs from Miami to Anchorage.  This week he is working the town's department store as Santa; not that he likes kids, but the job pays cash money.
"Chattanooga Charlie"  by Rick Ferry

Standing 11 inches tall

Price: $ 425.00

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