“Rock Island Red”
Just plain “Red” to his friends; earned his moniker by virtue of his thick red hair.  Originally from the Scottish Highlands, his given name is Thomas MacGregor.  As a lad, his pappy would call him Tommy-Boy.
Red left Scotland for America at the tender age of fourteen.  Now forty odd years later, he dreams of returning to the highlands.  Sometimes it is necessary to leave home to truly find it.
“Frank the sod-buster”
Frank once owned a big farm near the Kansas - Oklahoma border where he grew  corn, wheat and a bushel of young-uns.  He was the first in the county to own a farmall tractor; in fact, it was the only tractor in the county.
One day the wind started blowing and didn't stop fer quite a spell.  By the time it did, there wasn't much left that was fit fer man nor beast.  So Frank sent the wife and kids to live with her folks while he hit the road for California; that was eight years ago.  Frank figures the kids is all grown and the wife has probably given up on him, so there ain't much reason to go back.
"Frank the sod-buster"  by Rick Ferry
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Standing 10 inches tall
Price: $ 650..00
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"Rock Island Red"  by Rick Ferry

Standing 10-1/2" inches tall
Price: $ 475.00

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