“Tea-Time Thomas”
One of the oddest stories to come down the pike in some time; Tea-Time found his way to America as a servant to a wealthy English gentleman.  Traveling to Chicago by train with his employer, he was not allowed to ride inside the passenger cars.   He settled in for the trip inside an empty cattle car; where he met some “Gentlemen of the open road”.  They quickly deduced that with his English accent and skills as a man-servant, he would do well to strike out on his own.  During his last ten years on the road, Tea-Time has concluded they may have overstated his prospects.
"Tea-Time Thomas"  by Rick Ferry
Standing 11 inches tall

Price: $ 400.00

“Coal Car Tony”
Tony has never been inside a coal car, but gets his name from looking like he has.  Tony is pretty much a loner; having never placed bathing too high on his list of priorities.  Actually, he can be rather interesting to talk with; until the wind changes direction.
Originally from New Jersey, his wife threw him out saying: “don’t come back until you take a bath” that was eighteen years ago.
Not that he wouldn’t take a bath, let’s say; if he were to fall
into a river and had a bar of soap handy.
"Coal-Car Tony "  by Rick Ferry
Standing 10 inches tall

Price: $ 375.00

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