"Santy Claus"  by Rick Ferry

Standing 10-1/2 inches tall (in stockings)
Price: $ 650.00
"Santy Claus"
Year after year Santy has worked the department stores as Santa.  All the hobos know and love him;
he always finds a way to make Christmas special for them. The fact that he honestly believes he is Santa Claus is okay by them.
Who knows, perhaps he is....
"San Antonio Slim"
Nobody knows how Slim got his name, but it has stuck with him.
Originally from New York, he still has a thick Bronx accent. 
Slim can tell some whoppers; like the time he pitched for the Yankees.
Some stories he will stretch more than others; he swears he logged off
the Sahara Forest (known ever since as the Sahara Desert).
Slim once worked (for a short time) as camp cook for a logging outfit in Idaho; until the logging crew helped him onto a outbound freight.
"San Antonio Slim"  by Rick Ferry
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Standing 12 inches tall with base
Price: $ 650.00
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