Making of a self-made man Page 6
Painting the carving
The Campfire - Painted with undiluted acrylic paints.
I use washes when I want the wood to show through.
The stick is darkened with a wash of brown.
Please note that nothing in any of these pictures is complete. 
Most will receive additional touches, shading, antiquing, and highlighting.
When painting, it is necessary to think in layers of color.
The Dog and Rock - Painted with "washes" of Black and White acrylics.
This is a "base coat" or "primary color" of this part of the carving.
Before applying a wash the carving must be "wet".  On this carving, I was able to apply washes to the dog and rock before the carving became too dry.  At that point, I had to allow the carving to dry overnight before wetting it again.  (I do not apply washes to a dry carving; and I prefer not to re-wet a washed area until it has dried completely).
Some definitions of terms I use and what they mean to me.

Acrylic Wash: Watered down liquid acrylic paint; ratios depend on the color I am using and what is being painted.
Usually 1 - 3 drops of paint to a tablespoon of water.

Base coat or Primary color: The main color of an item being painted; the color that will show in the cracks and crevises when painting is complete.

Wet a Carving: To apply water to a carving for 2 - 5 seconds, then allowing the carving to rest until the glossy shine of water is gone.
Washes may then be applied with less chance of bleeding into undesired areas. The wash will also have a more even appearance than one applied to dry wood.
Coat, Pants & Boots
A wash of "Purple Smoke" has been applied to the coat.
A wash of Gray was applied to the pants.
The boots were washed with raw umber.
Some shading of edges and wrinkles has been done also.
A little paint on the patches
Finished painting the patches and burnt in the stitching around the patches.
The pup has a nice profile; with a slight "leaning forward" look
A Stitch in Time
Added stitching to the pants along the seams
The look
This is the facial expression I was hoping to give the pup.
Sometimes I get lucky!
I hope you are enjoying my painting process.
This is the stage where you begin to see
what I pictured in my mind last January.
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