Making of a self-made man Page 5
Completion of the carving
Added October 21, 2005
The dog is nearly finished; his face and shoulders need a little thinning down.
The top of the dog's head is a bit high and will be lowered slowly with a V-tool while texturing the hair
The hair and eyebrows are nearly finished, I will add some depth to the hair with a V-tool before painting
Added October 28, 2005
I have added details, and shadows.
These are the items that refine a carving and really add life to it.
The carving must stand on it's own merit before any  painting is done.
Sorry about the indoor lighting, but the sun would not cooperate.
Added October 28, 2005
I finished the campfire with (2) bricks, (2) sticks, beans,
and the prized sausage on a stick.
Ready for paint
While some carvers look forward to painting a carving, once the paint is applied, it is very difficult to change.
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