Making of a self-made man Page 4
The Face
Added August 7, 2005
I was motivated to make some chips, so I began carving the face today.
This is pretty much where I left off last time,
with a few chips removed here and there
Added August 7, 2005
I have begun shaping the face and decided to carve a moustache on the old boy.
Added August 7, 2005
These pictures show the features defined a little better.
I am sure you wonder how I get from this rough carving to a finished face;
sometimes I wonder that myself.
Added August 14, 2005
I found a little time to carve; I finished the moustache and nose.
They will still require some refining before applying paint.
The hands are roughed in; note the pencil lines at the knuckles.
When carving detail, I carve what is necessary to convey the message, not ten fingers just because a "real" person has ten.
Added August 14, 2005
Note the two scoops on the bridge of the nose, this presents an old "broken nose"
Notice the V cuts on the moustache, they are not continous cuts but rather two or more cuts to complete a hair, providing a more natural look.
Added August 14, 2005
In this view of the carving, you can see that starting with a good profile conveys the concept, while the details simply add to it.
Added August 14, 2005
It is too hot today for much but sitting in the shade and carving.
So here is another update on the eyes, the iris is only penciled in.
You can learn my eye technique at:
Added August 14, 2005
To watch a carving come to life, is the reason I carve.
I hope you find enjoyment in it also.
Added October 18, 2005
I hope to get some new pictures up soon.
The hair is done and the dog is finished.
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