Added February 9, 2005
I have located and begun shaping the elbows and arms;
this allows me to remove wood behind the arms to define them.
I will take more pictures before I carve any details.
Making of a self-made man Page 3
Added February 14, 2005
Roughed out to a recognizable form; I have several reference lines drawn on.
While it is still quite rough with extra wood in places; from a distance it is easy to make out the  form of a man and a dog.  It is believable before any detail is applied.
I always carve the facial features last for two reasons; one is to protect the face from damage during carving.  The second reason is motivation to do my best when I finally carve the face; after spending weeks carving everything but the face.
Added February 17, 2005
I had a little time to carve today, I began by shaping the right shoe and the left pocket.  I tend to carve here and there on a carving and eventually there is nothing left to carve.  I will need to study dogs before I tackle that part of the carving.
When I carve next, I will shape the other shoe and maybe the toes that will be visible on the right foot. 
Added February 20, 2005
I finished the right foot (the toes came out very well) and the right pant leg.  Both coat pockets are opened but still need some finishing  Lighting was not good today.  When the carving is complete, there is still one day of cleanup that gives a carving those smooth finished cuts.
Added February 23, 2005
I have made some progress, both shoes are done, the crown of the hat is shaped, both pockets are opened, the hands are roughed out and I added a tilt to the dogs head.  I also added some texture to the rock.  
This picture shows the area I need to work on next.  The chest, under the arms, between the legs and the dogs body.
Added March 5, 2005 
The most difficult part is also the slowest.  The space between the legs and the dogs body, and behind the arms is very difficult to carve.  I am about half way finished with those areas; then I will begin on the dog, head and hands. I located the hole for the stick and roughed in the position of the hands.
Added March 6, 2005 
I was asked how I clean out the tight areas between the dog and the legs.
I prefer to use a very pointed, thin straight blade and remove thin shavings.
If possible, in areas like between the wrist and the cuff, I take a three cornered chip.
This is very similar to a chip carving cut.  Most important is to know where the knife tip is at all times so cuts are not left in the finished carving.
Areas like between the arms and chest offer a whole different challenge.
I use bent gouges to do "the best I can"
Added August 7, 2005
I began work on the face today, the pictures are on the next page.
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